The first post…

I wasn’t sure what to call our blog, that is, until we cut back the nettles and discovered our plot number – hence was born!

So far, Becks and I have been busy clearing the ground, building raised beds & drawing up plans (currently we’re on draft number three) – so these first few posts will be retrospective & cover the various youtube videos & websites that we’ve been researching to see how to go about running an allotment.

There have been lots of terms to get our heads round – ‘no dig’, ‘double dig’, ‘green manure’ & ‘crop rotation’ to name but a few, but I think in just a single week, we’ve made great progress – at least that’s what our fellow allotmenteer’s are telling us.

While I’m on the topic of allotment folk, we’re really happy to see how friendly everyone is – we’ve been given courgettes, beans, beetroot, carrots & last night I had my first taste of sweet corn, straight off the plant – it was delicious & something we will definitely be growing ourselves.

We’re planning on posting updates every few days & when I look into a new topic, i’ll post any useful information on that too.


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