Progress Update: Day 08

Pallets have now arrived! (thanks Jay..) & we’ve worked out roughly where the compost bins will be going – probably have to line them with black polythene to ensure the grass rots down & no seeds grow in the compost. I guess tomorrow’s job will be screwing these together into some kind of structure.

Nephew & Niece came along to supervise & after being given a tour of the plot, were quickly placed on manual labour tasks. While happy to dig to start with (when they saw the beds we had already completed), I started getting a few complaints from the workforce when they had to dig through grass, stones and roots to get to the soil ??

Also, we’ve struck rhubarb – time to google a recipe and have a go at making some crumble. If it turns out well, will link the recipe & may end up making a recipe section for each of the fruit & veg we end up growing. Recipe suggestions are always welcome.

Its spilling out onto where the path will be, so at some point, will also have a look at when to move rhubarb so we can fill up half of that bed. Its nice having our first harvest, even if we didn’t plant it!
Finally, just a quick video as a progress update. I’m kicking myself that I didn’t do these from day one – the plot has changed so much in such a short space of time.

Note: Becks assures me that is a car horn @ 16 seconds into the video….

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